Tesla Comprehensive Digital Education Platform

Can you imagine what would happen if people could have any dream?

Do you remember old school days? Chalk, blackboard, graphite and ballpoint pens, paper... in those days we were dreaming about making our educational experience much different. So, here it is!

Tesla Comprehensive Digital Education Platform (CDEP) includes several solutions which helps schools in digital transformation… 

Tesla Lifelong Learning LMS

We are very excited to inform you about new version of Tesla mobile LMS solution. Tesla Lifelong Learning app is available for fee download from App Store.  

This version can be traditionally used in K12 and HiEd organizations but also in all kind of companies for formal or informal education of employees. Tesla Lifelong Learning can support teaching processes for all types of groups and individual learning.  



News and Activities

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We are committed to make your entire educational experience inspiring, amusing and more productive!